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Thinking in applying to one of our challenges? Here are some of the things to keep in mind and what you can expect from our program.


To submit your project register in our platform open.imnovation.com and upload your proposal. Each proposal must include:

  • General information about the participant. This is the company profile that is filled in when registering the company as a member of the Platform. It includes information about the year of foundation, target market, business model, value proposition, team and contact details.
  • An updated pitch deck in PDF format
  • Application form. Questionnaire to be completed for the submission of the Proposal, consisting of the following questions:
    • How would you solve the challenge?
    • Why is your proposed solution better than other alternatives?
    • What do you expect from your participation in the I’MNOVATION programme?
  • Proposal attached to application form. A PowerPoint of maximum 10 slides with:
    • Description of the solution.
    • Current level of development of the proposed solution.
    • Value proposition of the solution and main differentiating features.
    • Main barriers for the deployment of the solution.
    • What does ACCIONA need to do to pilot the solution? e.g. infrastructure needs, data availability, etc.


The Proposal evaluation process is divided into the following phases:

  1. Initial Proposal Screening: The Committee of Experts will verify compliance with the terms and conditions of these Rules by the applications received, as well as the suitability of the proposed solution to the challenge posed. Should the Proposal fail to comply with the participation requirements and/or not respond to the challenge, it will be disqualified.
  2. Evaluation of the company profile: The Committee of Experts will contact the participating companies individually to hold a meeting in which each company will have to defend its Pitch Deck. During this phase, the Committee of Experts will raise queries about the profile of the company and the Proposal submitted.
  3. Evaluation of the Technical Proposal: The Technical Proposals will be evaluated in detail by the Committee of Experts, who will select the finalists for each challenge.


Once you sign up for one of our challenges, you become one of the many candidates who apply to present their idea. Our team will carefully assess the applications and evaluate them according to the following criteria:

  • How the solution fits into the proposed challenge: Capability of the proposed solution to solve the challenge posed by ACCIONA.

  • Socio-economic impact: Contribution of the proposal to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the decarbonisation of the economy.

  • Degree of innovation: Differential value of the proposed technological solution and application of disruptive technologies.

  • Current solution maturity: Degree of development of the proposed solution to the challenge and opportunity to co-develop the value proposition.

  • Technical and market feasibility: Technological feasibility of the solution and feasibility of bringing the solution to market (technical and regulatory limitations, etc.).

  • Scalability of the solution at the commercial and geographical levels: Market opportunity and scalability limitations.

  • Capacity and experience of the entrepreneurial team to carry out the Pilot and its possible scaling up: Competence of the entrepreneurial team, diversity of profiles, degree and dedication and commitment of the founding team.

  • Value created for ACCIONA with the co-development of the Pilot: Potential of the solution to create a competitive advantage, a new product or new business model.

If you are a finalist, congratulations! You will be invited to participate in our selection event, the "Selection Day".


On Selction Day, there will be a Plenary Session where each finalist will give a 3-minute pitch to present their Company habrá una Sesión Plenaria donde cada finalista realizará un discurso (pitch) de 3 minutos para presentar su compañía. After the plenary session, private meetings will take place between each finalist and the Committee of Experts. Each meeting will last approximately 30 minutes. The finalist will have 20 minutes to present their Proposal to solve the challenge. Ten minutes will be reserved at the end of the meeting for queries from the ACCIONA Committee of Experts.

Once the event is over, the Committee of Experts will select the winner or winners of each challenge within a maximum of 10 days. Winners will be notified via the e-mail address provided and will be informed whether their Proposal will continue under the respective Division. Likewise, non-winners will be informed of the decision not to continue advancing in their Proposal.


 It will be carried out for a maximum of 6 months.


A checkpoint will be set between approximately the third and fourth month of the deployment of the Pilot to evaluate the partial results achieved up to that date. In this evaluation the Pilot teams will give a presentation of their Pilot’s evolution, key milestones achieved and next steps to the Committee of Experts


Once all Winning Companies have completed their Pilot, all Winning Companies will be invited to an event. In this event or Demo Day, the results of the Pilot will be presented. The presentation of the results will be made jointly by the Committee of Experts and the team of the Winning Company.


Upon completion of the pilot and after analysing the results, ACCIONA may, at its sole discretion, offer the Winning Companies the opportunity to participate in an escalation of the Pilot. At this stage both parties become more committed to each other.


Do you have a disruptive idea that fits our areas of opportunity? We want to hear it!

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