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  • A-LAB: Dynamic, collaborative, and sustainable workspace

The A-LAB is characterized by its open, lighted, and dynamic spaces, as well as for its efficient use and management of residue. Designed for collaboration, development, sharing, and exhibiting, the space has 56 unassigned workplaces meant for team work and project building; two meeting rooms; several areas for informal meetups; a large terrace that offers the chance to work outside; a pantry; resting areas, and the Agora, which is an amphitheater with a capacity for 30 people whereby you can present or hold corporate events.

In regards to the use and management of residue, the A-LAB seeks to reduce its paper consumption, with the goal of becoming paperless office, with no trashcans or plastic packaging. The residue created by the activity are recycled in a spot specifically assigned for that purpose in the pantry area. In addition, all the rooms have natural lighting, which means a reduction in energy consumption.

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