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Planning, resource allocation, execution, and follow-up in real-time and on-demand

Corporate service management implies several actuation areas which include: staff, resource and asset management, in par with an evaluation methodology and service optimization. Thus, when talking about staff, resources must be adjusted in light of necessities and the quality standard the client requires; in the case of the assets, installed resources must be maximized and adjusted to the current facilities, i.e. the air conditioning team is the most appropriate one for the area assigned and such that they are able to make suitable management of the lifecycle of the assets. All of this also leads us to the professional recycling of the staff.

At ACCIONA SERVICE we need solutions that allow us to better manage the available resources, adjust their traits and experience to the client’s needs and make a more efficient assignment of tasks.

How can we improve the culture of planning and organization at ACCIONA SERVICE? How can we better adapt to the timings and the required resources in the face of the client’s specific needs? How can we reduce operational costs without compromising on service quality? How can we improve the control of the employees’ performance? How can we capture sufficient information in order to anticipate to the client’s demands/needs?


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