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ACCIONA Industrial

Traceability of legal and technical documentation for a plant/insfrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle

Nowadays industrial and infrastructure projects are managed and executed with complex contracts that are worked on by many different agents: clients, partners, subcontractors, among others. The large size of these projects, their location, and the diversity of the agents at play do on occasions require that the contracts be elaborate, constantly modified and audited by a great number of people that work under different methodologies.

The input, edits, and supervision of the content in the contracts is normally left to staff without an adequate legal background or without precise knowledge of what is required from them. This is due to existing terms that apply to different scopes in the execution of the project that are not correlated in a clear and precise way. In addition, there is a lack of homogeneity on the technicians responsibility and the documents content, which in turn ends up affecting the entire lifecycle of the documentation and as a result, of the entire project.

At ACCIONA we are looking for solutions that can ensure the traceability of all of the contracts that are managed in the lifecycle of a plant or infrastructure, of its contents, audits, role and profile assignments of the people that create, modify, and approve them from the initial negotiation stage of the contract through their completion.

How could we distribute, manage, and assign responsibilities of approval/auditing of the contracts whilst ensuring their traceability? How could we incorporate on the previous process the changes that are made throughout the conclusion of the contract (i.e. an addendum)? How could we transfer the risks of the main contract to the subcontracts by the assigned agent? How could we incorporate the learned lessons onto new contracts? How can we improve efficiency when managing this type of documentation?


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