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New generation of Photovoltaic solar module technologies

Until now photovoltaic technology has been developed with silicon and thin layers. There is an emergence of new module technologies that could have a high impact on design and conceptualization of new photovoltaic plants, such as bifacial modules, multibusbar, organic photovoltaic technology, perovskites…

The high impact on the modules and the characteristics in the design, conceptualization, and costs of photovoltaic plants makes it necessary to know how they can contribute in the reduction of energy costs and understand other possible applications (environmental, terrain occupation, sustainability, recycling…) in future developments of large photovoltaic plants.

At ACCIONA we are looking for startups that are developing and applying new materials for photovoltaic technology. How can we optimize resources? How can we augment margins? How can we reduce Energy costs? How can we offer added value with more sustainable modules?


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