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ACCIONA Construction

Analysis and mining of semi-structured data from constructive work processes

Since its conception, its implementation and through its completion, a constructive process generates a vast amount of information from an administrative, economic, labor, and technical viewpoint. All of this data is generated from seral distinct sources and is treated at different levels by people with diverse technical expertise. The process creates a internal know-how which on occasions the firm cannot capture and exploit due to the intrinsic nature of the information generated.

For that reason we must find solutions that allow us to extract value from all the documentation and the knowledge generated having in mind that it is semi-structured data we are talking about. How can we make ACCIONA’s internal knowledge more accessible? How can we improve the knowledge of the client’s requirements? How can we obtain information on the applied solutions of our processes in the face of usual problems that arise in the day to day of work? How can we find relevant points in the contracts? How can we obtain information on real-time of all the active bids? How can we get updated information on the constructive works of ACCIONA from around the world?


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